We invite for collaboration partners, suppliers in the following sectors:

  1. Raw materials

    1. Polyethyleneterephthalate (food contact quality)

    2. Low pressure polyethylene

    3. High pressure polyethylene

    4. Food dye stuffs (liquid and granulated)

  2. Packing materials

    1. Boxes of corrugated cardboard

    2. PVD and PND sacks

  3. Office and utility equipment

  4. We are looking for partners, who can transport goods, we consider offers for transport of goods.

In case either you or your company are interested to present us an offer, you are welcome to obtain a more detailed information on the conditions of collaboration with suppliers and partners from our purchase managers.

We’ll consider your commercial offers on partnership, supplies and mutually beneficial collaboration.

Contact information:

Evtodiev Igor Vladilenovich

Purchases manager

(4742) 76 49 09

+7 (919) 250 11 55