Polymer caps (PE)

Polymer screw one-piece caps with a safety ring of the weight of 2.2 g are manufactured in conformity with the specification TU 9299-002-69382110-2012. They are intended for closing PET-containers (bottles) with drinking and mineral water ( carbonated and non-car-bonated drinks), natural juice and nectar, juice containing drinks, inclusive of those recommended for children, soft, slightly flavoured with spirits and strong drinks, milk and dairy products, vinegar, as well as non-alimentary products.

The equipment of “PlastiForm, Ltd” is intended for manufacture of caps with a printed logo, which lends our products exclusive marketable condition. Our possibilities in closure printing enable us to apply not only logos, but also any other piece of information of importance for the end product consumer.

Quality control of caps is carried out for the parameters listed below:

- conformity with the geometric parameters and weight of the polymer cap;

- visual control, as well as control by means of an optic system;

- quality of logo print application;

- tightness of closure;

- torque quantity.

Polymer caps (PE)

Specification for polymer screw caps:

Product name

Screw cap

Specification for the product

TU 9299-002-69382110-2012

Cap type


Raw material brand



28 mm, single-start right

Thread pitch, mm


Cap weight, g


Side ribs number


Height, mm


Outer dia, mm


Number of pieces in the box

5 500