Certificate of compliance to the requirements of ISO 9001-2011. Quality management system in the production of preforms and caps

The company of "PlastiForm" successfully solves the problems in manufacturing quality preforms and caps due to the work of competent management. As a means of management, the quality management system has been developed and introduced on the basis of the state standards series 9000.

Certification of the quality management system in conformity with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001-2011 a key to a continuous increase in the quality of the products manufactured. Being conscious of it, we had our system certified and acknowledged conforming to the requirements of the standard ISO 9001-2011,which is confirmed by the issued certificate of conformance.

The certificate of conformance of the QMS to the requirements of ISO 9001-2011 is an official document confirming the quality of work and services of the enterprise due to the guarantee of conformance of all the processes at the plant to the quality standard ISO 9001-2011. That’s why this certificate can guarantee to the consumer high quality of goods, work and service. A certificate in the system GOST P is considered to be a valid argument to the company’s favour in case of its participation in state tenders.

An inspection audit of the QMS was carried out in July 2013 with participation of two certifying experts. On the basis of the results of the audit it was stated that the QMS of the company of "PlastiForm" as for designing, manufacturing and supplying polymer performs on the whole is in conformity to the requirements of ISO 9001-2011. The validity of the certificate No POCC RU.ФK40.K00023 of 21.08.2012 has been confirmed.