Raw material PETF (PET) for performs manufacture

Preforms are manufactured of granulated polymer, polyethylenetere-phthalate (PETF or PET). For production of preforms enterprises make use of special grades of PETF (PET) of an increased molecular mass. It is expressed by the value of its intrinsic viscosity (IV), which must amount to 0.80±0.02. The company of "Plastiform, Ltd" makes use in its production of the best grades of granulated PET, which enjoy a high reputation both on the world and Russian markets, such as WANKAI, JADE, SKYPET, RELPET. Due to a continuous monitoring of the PET raw materials market our enterprises manages to maintain our prices on a minimum level without any losses in quality.

The colour and transparency of the future bottle are formed in the stage of preforms manufacture. The company of "Plastiform, Ltd" collaborates with leading producers of highly efficient liquid dyes, additives and superconcentrates, and namely , with "Repi", "ColorMatrix" and "Clairant". Due to application of liquid dye stuffs of a wide colour range we manufacture products in various shades of our clientХs requirement.

Polyethylen for polymer caps manufacture

Polymer one-piece caps are manufactured of low pressure polyethylen produced by such well known world companies as "LG Chem", "PTT", "SGG". Availability of a permission issued by health care bodies of the Russian Federation is a must for materials and dye stuffs used for manufacture of caps contacting food substances.