Our advantages

The production facilities of "PlastiForm, Ltd." are unique and highly efficient.

The main technological advantages of the PET-preforms manufactured by our company are as follows:

- their geometric parameters, which ensure quality blowing of the bottle practically by means of any kind of equipment;

- the stability and homogeneity of the preforms’ most important parameters brings down to a minimum the losses due to occurrence of alignment and production off-grade products;

- the total operational length and wall thickness aren’t changed, which presupposes minimal changes in the parameters of the blowing equipment;

- the new improved design enables our clients to increase the productivity of their blowing equipment at the expense of reduction in the time of the perform preheating;

- the Capello design of the preform bottom enables the producer to save from 2 up to 4% of the total weight of the preform.

The company has at its disposal the area of 5000 m2 under its production and storage premises, 3 automatic production lines and a certified laboratory of its own.