PET-line for PET-preforms manufacture

A highest productivity in plasticization and optimum quality of the melt are provided due to specially developed screw conveyors for PET-preforms manufacture. Thanks to their use the quality of the manufactured products is in conformity with the highest standards.

The control system SyCap

The improved control system SyCap makes it possible to trace and automatically align the production parameters, regulate the temperature regime of each casting funnel of the mould and, consequently, control the products quality in the course of the production stage.

High tech mould enables the producer to:

- increase the productivity;

- improve protection of the preform surfaces from wear;

- ensure rapid and reliable removal of finished preforms.

The basic characteristic of the mould are as follows:

- thread dia up to 38 mm;

- OH Xtreme grade of coating is the most advanced coating of the shape-forming parts of the mould;

- advanced system of direct blowing with air DAS;

- automatically lubricated guide bushings and slides;

- completely optimised cooling system with a parallel water supply onto the thread forming parts;

- optimised connection of the hot channel and cold half with the thermal separator and adapted base geometry.